Jumpstart your Job search

It’s a terrible time to be out of job – The threats of COVID-19 and the whole lockdown situation has made it worse. Many people have sent across job portals and compilations of virtual job fairs to me, and it seems like many of these positions are on contract or temporary basis. Finding a job is a complex mission. Not dissing non-permanent jobs, because all of us have things that we’re good at or trained for, and it’s important we have a source of income right now. For starters, I hope I can do a small part by sharing some tips to get the job you want.

  1. Have a good resume

First impressions definitely count. Having a good resume is number one on everyone’s list – but what is a good resume? Although I am not part of HR or a recruiter, having worked for almost 10 years now and in the communications function, it is important for a resume to be clear, and concise. A resume should not be longer than two pages, unless you are applying to become a professor and has to list down all the papers that you have published. Apart from a personal summary, highlight key achievements of each position. Customise your resume according to the job ad, listing down keywords that are applicable to the job that you are applying to. E.g. If the job ad requires supervisory experience, make sure that your leadership skills are reflected in your resume, with examples of what you have done.

Moving away from content, if you are applying for a job in the creative industry, check out tools like Canva that can help beautify your resume. If you need more information on writing a good resume, there are other resources that give a deep dive into what makes one.

  • 2. Use online platforms

Moving on to number 2, using online platforms. This may seem really simple – just log on to the websites and apply for jobs. But what are the platforms that you should look out for? Personally, I recommend these two job portals for private-sector jobs: Jobstreet and MyCareerFutures. For Jobstreet, the platform is easy to use, and you can apply for jobs with just a click. You may argue that you get quite a bit of competition doing that since the process is so simple. Next, for MyCareerFutures, it is government-backed, so the jobs are legitimate. I have used both, and have recommended these platforms to my friends who have gotten jobs through this. Even if you do not find jobs that are to your liking, it is also a good way to meet recruiters who often post job ads on these platforms.

  • 3. Speak to recruiters

That brings me to my third point which is to speak to recruiters directly. Recruiters are powerful people especially during your job hunt. What they can do is firstly, give you first-hand information on how a hiring manager is, or if the turnover rate is high. Speaking to recruiters also give you access to a handful of jobs that are already relevant to your profile. What I recommend is to build up a Linkedin profile to connect to recruiters in your industry. It helps if your connections endorse your profile as well, so you seem more credible!

All the best in your job search!

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