Where to get cheap books for your kids in Singapore

To be honest, if you will like to save money, the National Library Board Singapore is definitely a great place to start getting books for your kids. I encourage borrowing definitely, as it saves resources (environmentally-friendly), money and the For me, I always wonder who have actually used the books, so although many of the books are in great condition, it’s not for me (or at least my children who are really young!).

Here are 3 channels where I get books for my children –

  1. Book Depository (www.bookdepository.com)

What’s great about this platform is that it has a lot of westernised book titles e.g. Peppa pig, Collins writing books and for kids, it’s sorted according to age group. This makes it easy for people to choose books for their children as well as gifts. Prices for the books are also relatively lower than retail, but I would say it is not that significant compared to other places that I’m going to introduce you to. Delivery takes a few weeks and sometimes books get sent individually, since a lot of the books are shipped from different locations such as Australia or UK. But, hey, delivery is free and you’ll get a free book depository bookmark!

Tip: Sign up for the mailers, they do have promotional codes that are 10% off!

This neighbourhood bookstore looks kind of dated but it actually has several outlets around Singapore. I used to go to the one at 112 Shopping Mall before it closed, and now the Sun Plaza outlet. The store usually has many random stationery items but you will be surprised that they do have lots of children books that are really reasonably priced! For example, they do have 3 for $10 fairytale books, writing assessment books (for kindergarten) and even activity books! They do have a few westernised book titles too at a seemingly cheaper price. There are also some Chinese titles!

Tip: Do a comparison with Taobao if you are buying the Chinese titles because it might be cheaper if you purchase them online.

My latest discovery is this online platform located in Malaysia – which means it takes less time for the books to arrive. Shipping is a flat RM50 but recently I shared this with my neighbours and they organised a Group Buy to save on the shipping. There are also promo codes available after repeat purchase! If you’re wondering about the quality, I have ordered through this platform twice. Delivery took less than two weeks, it came in a box and the books were individually wrapped. Sound books were functional, all books seemed to be new. I bought a few stationery items which was a little dusty, but otherwise, all good!

Tip: Check out their bargains section, you will definitely ‘add cart’ for everything!

Hope this helps all parents or people who are buying books for kids in Singapore!

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