Hello 2021

2021 is the start of new beginnings. For me, it’s the start of a new job, which probably means the start of many new things. Getting to know new people, new work routes, new lunch places. Something that I brought over from New Year’s Eve though is my newfound old interest of reading.

In recent years, I realised that people have a different impression of how I was during my schooling years. Most recently someone expressed surprise that I was actually reading something / bought a book. It was pretty harmless but that set me thinking – what kind of image was I portraying to people?

During university I was called “bimbo” a few times by a few guys. To be honest the positive side of me thought that as a compliment, and perhaps it was the group that I hung out with. Personally I felt that it was also kind of sexist because I was labelled that because I chose not to go to school in a school shirt and shorts. And it was highly correlated to the faculty that I was in – Arts and Social Sciences.

Even up till this day I get “mansplained” oh so often. From people that I think have a lower understanding of the subject, just because they think that I do not understand that? Oh and how the topic changes when in a group they start talking to me. Sigh, I think that in 2021 I should seriously level up my intelligence as well as show others what I actually think about. Although I say I like to imagine clouds in the sky and be zen about it, doesn’t mean my brain is mush!

Back to the reading stuff, I have started to read about 1) Budgeting. Actually it is an ongoing process that I need to refresh on but this time moving on from personal finances to more investment related topics. I have also been asking friends on what they have been doing as a guide. You know, reading some stuff doesn’t mean it works for you, so I guess personal experiences do matter for this.

2) The power of habits. As an inquisitive individual, haha a more polite way of saying I am kaypoh, I am always thinking about how people achieve certain things in life. Habits and behavioural science seem to be the answer to this. And to be honest this should come easy to me having lived at least 20 years military style due to my dad’s parenting style. I think this applies to many areas apart from work, life – having a healthy lifestyle, work life balance. There’s more that I hope I can share in the future.

3) The power of positivity and mindfulness. Weirdly going through the ups and downs of my last job made me understand that there’s more to the daily grind of the rat race. How positivity and mindfulness is so important in creating a balance – and to this, an extent religion for me. In 2021, these are some areas that I like to work on.

Okay apart from all this serious stuff, I seem to gain a little bit more confidence in the kitchen so I will be a little preoccupied with exercising, cooking/baking, and forcing the kiddos to study.

Hello 2021!

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