Till we meet again

One of the greatest pains come from loss, the loss of love; the loss of life; and one in particular, the loss of a loved one. The unimaginable pain of losing a child and the process of him or her slipping away. The courage of the parents; the inconsolable heartache; the helplessness of those around who care but can do nothing to alleviate this pain.

Sadly, this is not the first time I know of someone whose kid has passed away. This is particularly close to heart because he was one of my godsons, and the kid of my best friend.

Even before his birth, they knew of his condition but chose to give him a fighting chance. For this, I am in awe of his parents’ courage and love. In my opinion, they should never be guilty that they have chosen to keep him and have really done their best to give him a comfortable and loving home the past 1+ year. Know that we love you and will remember you always with your grouchy face and cool hairstyle. :’)

It’s not my place to write about their story.

So I will keep this short. I hope you’re watching over your family in this time of grief and give them the courage to get through their loss. ❤️

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