Even when I was young I was really paranoid. When I was ten, my parents brought my whole family on a cruise. Before going on that trip, I wrote a letter to my loved ones, in case I don’t make it back. It was to my family, my best friends at that time, and thankfully I made it back.

When it was in year 1999, I made my parents stockpile and prepare for Y2K where computers and transport would supposedly go haywire. Thankfully again, it did not.

With life throwing so many curveballs, who knows what will happen. Sometimes you get news of someone getting some illness, someone even an acquaintance involved in an accident makes you go omg. And of course, year 2020 was not encouraging.

I guess what we can do is to live life to the fullest everyday. I’m not saying quit your job and just do what you want but put effort into things that you do. Get the sense of accomplishment. Cherish the moments with your family. Watch your kids grow up. For me, planning birthdays and events are the most fun when it comes to family events.

Oh I really hope I can watch my kids grow up in a healthy, loving family.

Love you always if you’re reading this someday. ❤️

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