Teaching Geography has always been something I wanted to do since I was young. I could become like the teacher in The Magic School Bus, bringing students to any part of the world and learning topics like development, tourism, the environment. It will be so fun!

I was actually awarded the MOE teaching award when I was an undergraduate and rejected it. To be honest, it was a different experience teaching in a secondary school compared to my 6-month stint teaching numeracy at a special school. But both to me, were enriching experiences. I do want to become someone who shapes the next generation’s lives – especially in secondary school because i feel that it’s the age where you really build your character. Also, I am generally enthusiastic about CCAs and things outside teaching like school events etc.

So why am I still hesitating becoming a teacher?

Well apart from the fact that I always ask myself how can teachers teach when they have only worked as teachers and do not have “real world experience” – not trying to belittle anyone here, but I do value work experience outside teaching for a more all-rounded education and perspective.

1. The horror stories sound really horrible

Dealing with parents and teenage angst sounds really scary. Admin work sounds like a chore to most too, although coming from gov as my first job meant I’m probably used to it.

2. No confidence in my patience

I used to have more patience, especially when I was teaching in the special school. That was truly an eye-opening experience where academics is not priority; creativity was most important as we needed to find new ways to teach; and simple joys. I am also not very sure if I can conform to being most “junior” and listening to others if they are very strict on the rules because I am not myself.

3. Going to trainee school aka NIE

When NIE was one-year long, I already thought it’s very long. Now with the compulsory stint and NIE, it would mean a pay freeze for the next two years. From one perspective, getting paid at this range is great since technically I would be a student. But to be honest, I am really quite old and have commitments compared to fresh grads!

This really sounds like a way to convince myself why I shouldn’t take up teaching but I will find a way to combine my interests of communication and geography. Hopefully one day, I will get the opportunity to shape young minds, and interest them with the wonders of GEOGRAPHY.

Not so fun fact: my husband actually scored the worst in the cohort for geography and dropped it in secondary four.

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