Wistful & Romantic

Hello Spotify Audio Aura

It’s the newest thing that you publish on Instastory – the Spotify “Your 2021 in review”! It’s always fun to look at an overview of the year, and guess what, this year I have been “wistful” and “romantic”.

So… I didn’t know what “wistful” means and had to check the dictionary. Oh, it means to have a feeling of vague or regretful longing. That melancholic feeling of what-ifs, turning back time, or just being there on a gloomy rainy day.

Guess you can never hide that side of you from your song choices. Spotify is a psychic!

Interesting observation is that no one on my Instagram has the same taste for music as me – apart from one other friend with a similar song choice.

I wonder if music preferences show your personality.

Having grown up learning and being “forced” to listen to classical music when I was young, I don’t listen to such pieces anymore. What do I listen to now?

Oh my gosh, my piano teacher will be so disappointed with my preferred genres LOL. Had to Google “Neo Mellow” though.

Oh wow, a quick search shows that personality traits are linked to musical styles (more here: https://www.verywellmind.com/music-and-personality-2795424)!

People actually define themselves through music, use it as a means to relate to people. And we actually are defensive about our music choices because we think it might relate to our personality? Interesting…

Okay let me see what liking “pop” shows about me. “Extroverted, honest, conventional, hardworking, high self esteem.” Oh man, I’m supposedly less creative and more uneasy. 😅

Another study also said that types of music you enjoy depends on the way your brain processes information.

And since I like “mellow” music (Neo-mellow) I am more empathetic? But wait, I like dance pop too which makes me a “systemiser”? Guess I’m both.

Seems like I just like the letter “J” a lot 😅

Do you think your music preference relates to your personality?


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