Favourite Artists Series: Hwang Kyu Baik

I have only known about Hwang Kyu Baik’s works during my recent trip to Seoul last month (Nov 2021) and Three Moons was the first piece that caught my eye. I then did more investigative work into his other pieces and realised that apart from painting, he dabbled more in printmaking for a large part of his life. Born 1932, he was already an established artist in 1968 where he went to Europe to study art history and did printmaking.


Perhaps I am more captivated by artists who show the western and asian aspects in their art. This exhibition at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, portrays his work in three very palatable parts 1. The start of his career, painting and success in the country before moving to Europe 2. Printmaking – in particular Intaglio 3. Painting again and a newfound perspective regarding human consciousness and the existence of life.

For more information on the artist, visit http://www.kbhwang.org/


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