Show review: Single’s Inferno

Official trailer of Single’s Inferno

Here’s the show that everyone’s talking about – Single’s Inferno, the reality dating show that’s a mix between Terrace House and Love Island.

Here’s a quick review of the show – only two episodes are out at the moment, and I can’t wait for the next to be aired!

1. Everyone in the show is so good looking and Guys mostly go for the same type

Pic from

So there are 4 girls and 5 guys and each person is being introduced to “inferno”. As you can see, everyone is good looking, but no other introduction is given eg age,occupation etc. It is only when a guy and a girl chooses each other that they are sent to “paradise” and then they can introduce themselves further.

Anyway, every guy turned to look at Ji-a when she walked down the stairs. Glamourous and also the other sweet looking girl-next-door Ji Yeon who seems to be the most popular for now. No idea why netizens are so annoyed by white skin korean/Asian beauty standards?

2. It is a mix of popular shows Terrace House and Love Island

There are some commentators who watch the scenes and they do give some insights when they see certain reactions. As an Asian show, it is also more conservative than Love Island, so the couples seem to get more time to get to know each other. I do get some “survivor” vibes from this show though because the canned food that they’re given feels a little sad at times! Well, we’re only at episode two…

I will say… watch it if you have been a fan of Terrace House or Love Island!

The next episode will be out on Christmas Day, 2021!


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