While watching some Korean drama it occured to me (probably should have put some thought into this) that life can go in very unexpected ways in a split second. Not to be morbid but anything can happen – an accident, an aneurysm, heart attack, being at the “wrong place at the wrong time” kind of situation etc. “Live life to the fullest because you never know what will happen” is very common but when you really meet with something drastic in life, it is probably too late in many scenarios. One wrong move may change your life forever (even if you manage to stay alive).

We live lives that are different but kind of the same. A mix of different backgrounds, scenarios, ways of life and endings. It’s like buying insurance because you want some assurance financially in the event something happens to you. There’s a chance this may happen, if not to you, to someone else. But there might be a chance, you don’t know it yet but you’re going through it to find out.

Morbid topic yes, but I also thought about life after death. Not that much religion wise but I always visualised a place where I would meet my grandparents again, so it’s somewhat like heaven? I also thought that after leaving this “material” world I could have my ashes scattered in the wind or something (because I’m not a fan of water). It led me to think further if my kids needed some place or something to remember me by (which need not be ashes right 🤔). Everything we did in this world has some effect (though it differs in magnitude and for me probably not so much effect 😅) though once we’re gone we are truly gone when everyone who knows us are also gone? (Like in the show coco)

Life itself is a journey and I guess it’s a journey where I find meaning in it.

I am fortunate to have a family though we kind of fight (the kids especially at this age but I do hope they grow up healthy, kind and happy); a few groups of good friends… so thank you and I hope to continue to go through this journey with you.


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