How to upskill without spending too much money

I was thinking the other day about how long it has been since I graduated. It was 2014 and has been almost 10 years! The thought of upskilling has always been on my mind, but a quick search showed that I not only needed to commit effort and time, but a ton load of money!Continue reading “How to upskill without spending too much money”

What I did as a student to boost my CV

My brother is in university now and he came to me few months back asking about some career advice and internships that he should apply for. I gave him some tips, and yes, he secured that job for summer. So therefore, this piece. I wanted to title this article – ‘What I did as aContinue reading “What I did as a student to boost my CV”

Jumpstart your Job search

It’s a terrible time to be out of job – The threats of COVID-19 and the whole lockdown situation has made it worse. Many people have sent across job portals and compilations of virtual job fairs to me, and it seems like many of these positions are on contract or temporary basis. Finding a jobContinue reading “Jumpstart your Job search”