Recently while talking to my sister I found out that we had totally different perspectives of our childhood. Perhaps for her, it’s the “middle-child” syndrome (the neglected one?!), but my childhood was kind of totally different from my memory. To her, we were somewhat “deprived” (too strong a word to use in this case) ofContinue reading “Childhood”

Till we meet again

One of the greatest pains come from loss, the loss of love; the loss of life; and one in particular, the loss of a loved one. The unimaginable pain of losing a child and the process of him or her slipping away. The courage of the parents; the inconsolable heartache; the helplessness of those aroundContinue reading “Till we meet again”

Where to get cheap books for your kids in Singapore

To be honest, if you will like to save money, the National Library Board Singapore is definitely a great place to start getting books for your kids. I encourage borrowing definitely, as it saves resources (environmentally-friendly), money and the For me, I always wonder who have actually used the books, so although many of theContinue reading “Where to get cheap books for your kids in Singapore”